How to Set up CDN, Hosting, and Domain: Helpful Guidance

Are you interested in discovering how to set up CDN, hosting, and Domain? Use our helpful guidance and discover the easiest and quickest way to do it!

When it comes to designing your own pre-landing pages, the easiest and simplest solution for beginners is to use the Amazon Cloudfront or CDN and Amazon Simple Storage Service or Cloud Hosting. These services can provide you with free packages that can suit your needs, during the first year of course, which will be enough for you to drive some traffic to the site.

Step-By-Step Guidance: How to Set up CDN, Hosting, and Domain

Before you start the process, we recommend you to check the detailed instruction presented on the Amazon website or Amazon Web Services. You can check whether or not this instruction suits the affiliate marketing needs of your website or you need an additional help.

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However, we are going to present to you what you should do to complete the process:

  1. Design and Configure the Buckets for Your Site – A bucket is like a container for items stored on Amazon. In order to complete the step, all you need to do is to follow the Amazon Web Services Guide we’ve mentioned before.
  2. Upload the Pre-Landing Page Files and set up the Website – First, you need to ensure your main HTML file is under the name index.html. Then, you need to extract that file and insert it into a specific folder. Find the file in the folder and change the name to index.html. Open this file and check the final affiliate link to where this file leads. Come back again to the folder, click right on Open With and select Notepad. Search for the affiliate link and replace it with your own.
  3. Register a New Domain – and are the best domain providers you should cooperate with.
  4. Use Amazon Route 53 Service and Connect the Domain with the Amazon Cloud Hosting – To complete this step, follow the Amazon Web Services Guide.
  5. Connect Your Website to CDN – Connecting your site to CloudFront CDN is extremely important, so make sure not to miss this step.

Make sure to understand these 5 steps first and then implement them. If you implement these 5 steps and use them appropriately, you can definitely expect a huge increase in your campaign’s performance.

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